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Filters & settings for Insights charts

There are multiple ways that you can filter and customize the charts in Insights. This is useful for getting the most out of your analysis. You can choose to look at the full project or you can narrow it down or customize it with different filters. The filters or settings that add will be saved and shown when you move to another chart. You can quickly change filter or settings in any chart.


List of the filters available in Insights, not all filters are available on all charts:

SERP only: Only shows the data for keywords that you have added rank data for. Useful if you have a larger project and only want to analyse keywords you have added rank data on. The toggle is only available on charts where rank is not needed

Tag group filter: Choose a tag group that you want to look closer at and the chart will change to only show data for the keywords in that tag group

Tag filter: When you have filtered your tag group you can narrow it down more by choosing a tag in that group. The chart will then only show data for the keywords in the chosen tag

Target CTR: Voxel calculates traffic potential based on average CTR's. Here you can choose what positions you want the target CTR to be calculated for

Intervals: Choose how you want Voxel to calculate head, body and long tail keyword intervals. The default is that a keyword that contains 1 word is considered a head keyword. But for some dataset you might want this to be something else. Choose your preferred setup

Shown items: Choose how many items you want to show in the chart, you can choose to show 7 - 50 lines

Show current estimate: Toggle this on to show how much potential traffic, conversions and revenue you get today for the keywords in the project

Conversion rate: Manually type your preferred conversion rate that you want the data to be based on

Average order value: Manually type your preferred average order value that you want the data to be based on

Domains: Add the domains that you want visible in the charts. You can choose to include automatic domains by toggeling them on


In insights it is possible to make settings that apply to all charts.

Language: The default language of all the charts is English, if preferred you can change the language to Swedish.

Style: Here you can create or choose a color palette for all the charts.

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