Adding keywords

Adding keywords

You usually add keywords multiple times to a project, while archiving irrelevant keywords.

There are three ways of adding keywords to your project.

1. Exact keywords

This method lets you add an exact list of keywords to your project.

Tip: Paste in up to 15 000 keywords from another source (e.g. Search Console). Add them in separate requests if you have more.

2. Suggested keywords

There’s a few different methods of getting suggested keywords. We recommend that you experiment with each one to get the best results.

Keyword ideas

Add keywords related to the words that you provide. The results are based on Google Ads Keyword Planner’s algorithm.

URL ideas

Similar to Keyword ideas, but you provide an URL (e.g. as a seed.

Domain ideas

Similar to Keyword ideas, but you provide a Domain (e.g. as a seed. Can provide up to 250,000 words (although typically less) depending on the domain.

Autocomplete ideas

This method can effectively generate a lot of keyword suggestions, including a substantial list of long tail keywords.

How does it work? If we search for a word, e.g. “shoes”, Google returns suggestions in their search autocomplete. If this then is repeated with added parts, e.g. “shoes a”, then “shoes b”, we retrieve even more suggestions.

Voxel automates this process with a predefined set of combinations (e.g. alphabeticals, questions, etc.) that generate different types of keywords.

3. Combination keywords

This is an advanced feature. It will be documented at a later stage.

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